Tiki & Atticus are Double Trouble

Tiki and Atticus live with their Momma and Poppa in the great state of Michigan. Tiki is a lovely feline and he enjoys playing string and taking long naps in his sunshine spot. Atticus is a precious Boston Terrier and he is always up for a good romp with his squirrel and then a good nap.

Friday, July 29, 2005

My name is Atticus ...

My name is Atticus. I came to live with my new family about 3 weeks ago and I am SO happy about it. I love my new family. My Momma and Poppa had a ton of toys for me when I arrived and a bed and tons of fun food and treats. There's a picture of me eating one of those yummy treats.
I also have a brother named Tiki. I love playing with my brother... although I'm not sure he likes playing with me much. I like barking at him and biting his tail. It's not all fun for me though. He likes to harrass me and give me a hard time. I know he loves me though. And he has some really fun toys that I play with.

Here are some photos of me and my brother playing.

So far I'm having a lot of fun at my new home. There are lots of fun visitors and adventures. My Momma says that Tiki and I will have lots of fun times together. And I think she's right.


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