Tiki & Atticus are Double Trouble

Tiki and Atticus live with their Momma and Poppa in the great state of Michigan. Tiki is a lovely feline and he enjoys playing string and taking long naps in his sunshine spot. Atticus is a precious Boston Terrier and he is always up for a good romp with his squirrel and then a good nap.

Saturday, February 09, 2008


Lots has been going on. The critter is on the move and has been keeping Momma busy. It's hard for me to sit in her lap anymore because she always has to chase after the critter. Kind of annoying.
I also suspect the critter is in love with Tiki. He's always chasing Tiki around and following him and trying to pet him. Tiki isn't impressed.

This critter ...

This critter is after my food. I am not happy about it.
Oh wait ... he's after me!