Tiki & Atticus are Double Trouble

Tiki and Atticus live with their Momma and Poppa in the great state of Michigan. Tiki is a lovely feline and he enjoys playing string and taking long naps in his sunshine spot. Atticus is a precious Boston Terrier and he is always up for a good romp with his squirrel and then a good nap.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

My sunspot

I can't believe it. There is one sunspot in this house ... and he's stolen it from me!! ACH!!
Look at him! Lying there with his bone just chewing away... I'm so depressed.

The Blanket War

I love playing Blanket! Momma or Poppa will try to trap me. Do you see me in the picture?? NO? It's because I'm hiding UNDER the blanket!! Do you see that lump in there? That's me.
When I break free from the blankets grasp I'll shake the blanket and say, "Gggrrrr, Rowf!". I really show that blanket who's boss!
After a good fight I'm usually pretty tired... ZZzzzzzzzz


What are you doing you silly beast?
I'm playing in my blanket. It's fun.
You're nuts. You think it's 'fun' to play in a blanket?
YES! Momma and Poppa will pull the blanket and try to trap me in it. I always escape though. You should really try it sometime.

Thanks but, No thanks. I prefer to nap.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Alone at last

My family left me at home on Saturday. All by myself! (I don't think you realize how wonderful this is!) They packed up the little beast - they packed up of his crap -and they took him away so I could have a wonderful day at home... ALL alone.
I spent the day lounging around the house with no anxiety of being disturbed or bit or rubbed up against. I took a bath in one of my favorite windows. Lovely.
I was really hoping that they wouldn't bring him back home... alas, they did. Oh well, I guess I was missing the little guy... Don't tell anyone I said that.

Over the river and through the woods

Saturday was a very exciting day for me. It was my first trip to my Gramma and Grampas house. They live in an A-Framed house up north in Newaygo, Michigan on the Muskegon River. My Momma and Poppa invited a bunch of their friends to come along with us. I guess they wanted to see the river too. They spent more time soaking in the water and less time playing in the big field. Silly people.
The following are photos of my adventure. My Momma brought my toys along in case I got bored. I know, what was she thinking?!? Crazy woman! There was way too much for me to do. I couldn't possibly waste time playing with those things... although there was a soccer ball with a wonderful squeek which wasn't mine but was lots of fun to chew ... but just for a little bit.
My Gramma and Grampa have an enormous front yard that I could run and play in. And my Mommas uncle and aunt live right next door so I got to meet them too. They are very nice and took my picture. Another first meeting was my Gramma and Grampas dog, Aristotle. I guess that means he is my Uncle. He wasn't too sure about my visit... but I like him.
After running around the big yard my Momma took me to the dock so I could sniff around.
I love going to my Gramma and Grampas house!!!

I felt bad for Tiki, he really missed out... even though he swore to me that he wanted to stay home and said 'no really, it will be MY best day ever'.
I think he was pretty happy to have the house to himself. When we got home I was exhausted and needed a nap. It was the BEST DAY!!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

A trip to the vet

My Momma took me to the vet office the other day. She will take me there from time to time. I am not a big fan. Although, this time was not that bad. The vet lady was very nice to me and gave me treats and told me how wonderful and cute I am. But then, she pricked me in my bum with something. I do not like the pricks in my bum. When my Momma took me out of the vet room she was very nice and looked at toys with me. And guess what! She bought me one!! I was so excited I completely forgot about the prick.
My new toy is a bumble bee bear. I love my bumble bee bear! He has these antenna things that are fun to chew on... I may have accidently chewed one right off. Don't tell anyone. Uhmm, also don't tell anyone that I may have chewed off half of my bumble bee bears wings. I'm pretty sure no one has noticed yet.


I like to sit in windows. Any window that's open. The reason it is so wonderful to sit in windows is because I get the first of the fresh breeze ... and also because I get to watch those sneaky little birds.
There is a shrub right outside my favorite window. A shrub that the birds love to play around in. Right next to the shrub my Momma has placed a bird feeder. She refills it every day because those birds are greedy little monsters. All day long they hope around like idiots flipping back and forth between the feeder and that shrub. They just hop around, chirrup to eachother, and eat like there's no tomorrow. Those guys have it so easy. What a life. They wouldn't last one day in this house. I tell ya... Even though they are gluttonous little things they are very fun to watch... and one day I'll catch one of those guys! Just you wait.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

The present and other exciting developments

A lot has happened the past few days! First of all, my Auntie Bethy came over on Friday and taught me a fun thing. She gives me treats when I do it right. I learned how to do the lie down. My Momma taught me how to do the sit and this is just one step further. I like getting the treats. There are some photos of me doing my tricks.

This is me sitting. I'm a good boy.
To the right is me doing the lie down. I'm looking cute for the camera. Aren't I cute? My Momma tells me all the time that I'm the cutest thing.
And yesterday my Momma left and came back with a treat for me! A Bone. It is very tasty and I love to chew it. It's exciting when my Momma comes home with special treats for me.
I've had a fun weekend with my Momma and Poppa.
They like to take lots of pictures of me though... and that's kind of fun. I occassionally like to ham it up for the camera.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Under the couch

This is me hiding under the couch. Yesterday my Momma was saying, 'Atticus, where are you?' This is where I was. Ssshhh.
I'm so tricky!!

How it is now

I'm glad that things are finally getting back to normal. I've shown Atticus that I'm the boss so I'm free to lounge on my bed and sit in my window without worries of him distracting me. I win!!
Sometimes we'll play together. Its fun to run around and chase eachother. It used to annoy me but now that he's bigger it's more fun. Strange that he keeps getting bigger... or is that just my imagination ? ... Oh well.
To the right is a picture of me on my bed. It's rammed into the back of the couch because someone we know always trys to tear it into a billion pieces. I like to sit on my bed and take baths, nap, and observe the little beast. It drives Atticus crazy because he can't reach me from here. heh heh. The arm of the couch is the best place for attacks on Atticus. I just bop him on the head and he can't get at me! It's perfect. Some would call it cheating, but I dont. If he was clever he would figure something out. Besides, I get the best shots from this position.
Besides the arm of my couch the next best battle place is behind the couch. I like to lure Atticus back there so we can really play. If we play in the middle of the room Momma and Poppa would most definately make us stop. They think we play too rough. It's not rough! Atticus is more rough than me. He always jumps on top of me or puts his face right into my face and says, 'not touchin' can't get mad'. That makes me crazy.
In all, I'm happy Atticus is here. I guess I was kind of lonely and needed a playmate. My Momma and Poppa are so smart. They knew it would be fun for me to have a little brother.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Dog Park

My Momma took me to a new place on Sunday. The Dog Park. When we got there I was suprised to see my friend Gatsby!! I wasn't expecting to see him. How fun!
My Momma made me go into a separate yard from Gatsby... I guess because I'm still a little guy. When I got into the yard it had lots of space to run and play. There was a pool for me and sticks to chew on! There were no other puppies there so I had this huge yard all to myself. My Momma and I ran around a bit then we went to the fence and watched the big kids play. A couple of the dogs came up to talk to me, that was nice. They felt bad for me because I was all by myself. I told them I was OK. I had my Momma.
When we got home I told my Poppa all about the dog park. I wonder why Tiki didn't come along? I think because he's too wimpy.

Friday, August 05, 2005

See this Paw?

I see you Tiki... I'm gonna getcha!

I'm trying to nap, will you leave me alone?? I just want to sit here and look outside with no disturbances from you, you little twerp!

I just want a little sniff. Why do you have to be so snotty and stuckup? Don't you ever like to just cut loose and have a little fun? Play with your little brother?
"Not touchin'. Can't get mad!!!"

You never just sit still. You're always running around biting me. I don't like it when you're so hyper. It makes me feel anxious!

I'm just having a little fun. You need to loosen up.

Loosen up? I'll show you loosen up. Check out this paw!! I could seriously mess you up! And I'm way bigger than you!

No you aren't. I'm getting pretty big. Here, look at MY paw! Aren't you scared?

No Atticus, I'm not scared. Sheesh. Would you just scram? Go chew on something. Like that foul odored chewed up thing.

That's my pig ear!! I LOVE it!! You are just jealous! You're jealous that you don't have any fun toys or things to play with.

Whatever kid, all that stuff is MINE. I'm just letting you play with it because I'm a nice guy.

Right, you're a nice guy. Well, fine. I'll go play somewhere else. But I'm telling you. You're missing out.

Hmph, he's finally gone... Alone at last... I bet he's still around here somewhere... I'll just check.

He's really gone... good!!

... Hm, I'm a little lonely now... where did that guy go.

My naps

I spend most of the day napping. I love my naps! Sometimes we all take naps together. Can you believe Atticus was quiet long enough to take a nap with Me & Momma? I know... its crazy. I feel like that little beast won't sit still long enough to eat his dinner much less take a nap. He's always bouncing around.
I think Atticus really does like naps, he always naps in his prison. Momma & Poppa put me in the prison sometimes... i really hate it. I would rather not go in there again.
Sometimes my Momma likes to wake me up from my naps. She'll wake me up to hug me and kiss me. I guess because I look so cute when I'm napping. I know, I'm irresistable.
A perfect day for me consists of a leisurely morning in my window looking outside. I love watching those flying creatures and the chippies and the squirrels. Those guys are so crazy. Sometimes my Poppa will shut my window. When that happens I hate him. He's so mean!!
From my window I like to go to my favorite sunspot and catch some rays. And then I'll go for a long nap on my Momma & Poppas bed. Thats the best napping area. In the evenings I'll sit with my family in the living room. I have to be extra careful of the little beast that he doesn't disturb me. He is always trying to eat my napping bed and jump up and bit me. Here is what I see from my bed on the couch. As you can see it's quite disturbing and makes for a difficult nap.
I guess I'm getting used to the little guy. We have some fun times... I've given him some good punches and a couple nibbles. I dont know why he still insists on messing with me.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Some photos of me ...

Here are some photos of me when I was really little. I'm a lot bigger now. These two photos were taken of me on my first day with my new family. I was sleepy, it was a long day. I got a new bed and some new toys for my first nights sleep. It was a very cozy sleep.
The next few photos are of me having fun with my toys, terrorizing my dumb brother and generally being myself. I love to chew things. There's nothing better than a good chew. Especially chewing things that make strange noises. Although there's something strange about those little guys that I don't understand. I chew them and shake them and finally I think I've killed it.. but it's still squeeking! One day boy, I'm going to get those guys!!
I've found that some things that I chew on get me into a little bit of trouble. For example, I like to chew on Tiki. He doesn't like that so much and smacks me on the head. I also like to chew on my Momma's clothing. She really hates that. CHEW!! CHEW!! CHEW!!

As I said before, I love terrorizing my brother Tiki. I enjoy harrassing him because he really, really HATES it. I'm pretty sure it drives him completely crazy. At first he would run away but now he's starting to fight back a bit. It's way more fun when he fights back... even though he hits like a girl!! HAH!