Tiki & Atticus are Double Trouble

Tiki and Atticus live with their Momma and Poppa in the great state of Michigan. Tiki is a lovely feline and he enjoys playing string and taking long naps in his sunshine spot. Atticus is a precious Boston Terrier and he is always up for a good romp with his squirrel and then a good nap.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

OK, this is getting out of hand ...

What is it with these strange creatures all over the place???This is really driving me crazy...
My dearest Auntie Laura brought over this enormous beast of a creature for the little beast to play with. The little beast was going wild with excitement. Good grief. I kept my distance and observed for awile. I needed to think of a good plan. What should I do? My dearest Auntie Bethy (My Momma's sister) brushed me in the hope that I would be consoled... of course it wasn't working. I love a good brushing but this was not the time. I couldn't just sit there and let all these strange beasts take over my precious home! Sometimes I feel my whole world has erupted into complete chaos. Why do Momma & Poppa let this happen to me!?
I decided to take a little nap and strategize... well, of course that didn't work - there was no way I could sleep. The whole friggin' order of things was completely off.
All my people were sitting at the table when I entered the kitchen. I could spy that big beast leaning his gigantic schnoze through the entryway from the living room. Ugh. I decided to stand right next to it and see what it would do. Can you believe he tried to lay that disgusting wet nose on me? I gave him a good one-two punch to the mellon and he ran off yelping like a baby. Just as I suspected. He was a weakling.
Things were going well. I was holding me own showing everyone who was boss and then things went terribly wrong. My Momma was giving the giant beast a tour of our home. On his return to the kitchen he saw me and went wild! His legs went every direction and he was headed straight for ME!! OH it was awful. That stupid giant beast scared me half to death! I hid behind the couch and growled like crazy! I kept telling him to go home and get the HECK out of my house. He didnt listen. He just laid around on the floor with the little beast.
After what seemed like an eternity he finally left.
I tell ya, if that thing EVER comes back I dont know what I'll do. I'll probably have a seizure and die... wouldn't they all be sorry then ...

The Great Gatsby

A few days ago we had a very fun visitor. My Momma told me that her friend (who I call Auntie Laura) was bringing over a friend for me to play with named, Gatsby. I am serious, I have never in my life seen a beast so big. He was gianormous!! He had this weird thing over his nose and I tried to sniff it but he didnt even look at me. He didn't even care that I was around! He just walked around our living room and sniffed at my toys. He brought one of his own toys and I played with it. This thing was a lot of fun. It was furry and fat. It tickled my nose. I thought Gatsby would get mad that I was playing with it but he was very generous.
I tried and tried to get Gatsby to notice me and play with me but he didn't really seem to care ... AT ALL. Maybe he was feeling shy. I get shy from time to time ... I understand that meeting new friends can be a little scary. So I figured I would ease his nerves by playing with him. Maybe he didnt like that so much... I bit his tail a couple times and he growled and yelled at me to "STOP". Gee whiz, I was just trying to be friendly!! I think he relaxed after that because I saw him walking around the house with my Momma. My brother Tiki wasn't so sure of Gatsby. I think Tiki wished that he would just go home. Tiki is so anti-social... He only likes Momma & Poppas people friends - other than that he doesn't like anyone paying attention to him. I harrass him about it and tell him that he's not reaching his full potential of fun.
Gatsby opened up to me towards the end of the evening. We played outside together and Gatsby told me that he hated my brother. I can understand... my brother is weird. He also told me that he's afraid of linoleum. He was embarrased because he freaked out in our kitchen. I told him that it's ok to freak out sometimes... and that linoleum is pretty fun if you run on it super fast.
It was a lot of fun having Gatsby over, I really hope Auntie Laura brings him over again.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Introductions & Whatnot...

Hi there, my name is Tiki. Tiki T. Tikerson. Let me tell you a little bit about myself.
My life used to be great. My life used to be bliss.
I've lived with my Momma for about 4 years now. She rescued me from the Animal Shelter. For a little bit I lived with my Momma and my little brother Guinea. Guinea liked to chase me around the living room. I would pretend to be afraid because he liked that and it added a little excitement to the game. Since then I dont see Guinea anymore. Momma told me that he's now living in a big beautiful far-away land that is just for guinea pigs ... somewhere, i can't remember.
Anyway, my Momma married my Poppa and then we all lived together as a big happy family. They would give me hugs and kisses and feed me tasty treats like ocean fish. I would get brushed and I had tons of fun toys. My friends would come over to visit just me and kiss me and hold me and brush me. That all changed a couple weeks ago. My Momma and Poppa had been talking for awhile about getting something called a puppy. I didnt think much of it. How would that affect me? Well, it did... you have no idea...

My name is Atticus ...

My name is Atticus. I came to live with my new family about 3 weeks ago and I am SO happy about it. I love my new family. My Momma and Poppa had a ton of toys for me when I arrived and a bed and tons of fun food and treats. There's a picture of me eating one of those yummy treats.
I also have a brother named Tiki. I love playing with my brother... although I'm not sure he likes playing with me much. I like barking at him and biting his tail. It's not all fun for me though. He likes to harrass me and give me a hard time. I know he loves me though. And he has some really fun toys that I play with.

Here are some photos of me and my brother playing.

So far I'm having a lot of fun at my new home. There are lots of fun visitors and adventures. My Momma says that Tiki and I will have lots of fun times together. And I think she's right.